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Chameleon iPad Jacket


You might think that those stuffs appear in the above picture are books, but it is not. They are Out of Print’s iPad jacket that adapt the cover of many popular books, such as Moby Dick, The Great Gatsby, Alice in Wonderland, and many more.

We could order these “chameleon” iPad jacket online at Out of Print website, however the shipping to Asia will be charged under separate fee (and it must be expensive!). Moreover, I did not find “Indonesia” in the shipping destination.

Couple weeks ago, I visited the Wheelock Place in Singapore, and found these iPad jacket at Nimbus. It’s a small, yet interesting store that selling many unique accessories for iPad and iPhone. Beside the Out of Print products, they also have the famous DODOcases.

DODOcases also has the art of book living in the shape of the iPad jacket. They came with variety of colours and motif. With its unique design, this handmade product has been awarded as iPad Case of The Year for two years in a row.

Therefore, if you are interested to get this award-winning iPad case, you can easily find it at Nimbus.

DODOcases. Black on black outside with colorful inside.

Prior to writing this article post, I read Nimbus business card and just realize that Nimbus is part of Cumulus, a unique store selling bags, watches, wallet and many other accessories. It is also located at Wheelock Place Singapore, just nearby the Nimbus store.

At Cumulus, we could find many brands that are rare in market, such as Jack Spade, Collin’s, Bellroy and many many more. When I visited their website, it seems that it was not updated for quite sometime, as when I visited the store they have many cooler stuffs.

Jack Spade, also available at Cumulus

Happy Shopping!

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