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Rizal Shrine Manila

In my previous post, I mentioned about Rizal Shrine, a museum around the Intramuros area in Manila, Philippines. This is my most favorite places in this historical area of Manila. In this post, I would like to share more photos from the Rizal Shrine and a little story about the hero. Enjoy!

Rizal Jose was known as multi talented person. He was known for his eye specialization, in which he later operate on his own mother’s eye. Moreover, he is good on art, politic, and writer. In writing, one of his most popular books is Noli Me Tángere (Touch Me Not), a novel that had been written to expose the inequities of the Spanish Catholic priests and the ruling government. Above is the replica of the book.

Because of the above book, Spanish colonialist accused Rizal as the leader of the Katipunan Revolution, in which it’s completely wrong. However, as the colonialist did not have any figure to be blamed, they sent Rizal to the prison and later executed him in December 30, 1896. Above is the prison where Rizal spent his time before the execution.

One of the interesting things from the Rizal Shrine, we could find many beautiful poem or story on the floors and walls.

The picture above is a building in which museum visitors could find the furniture of Rizal’s residence, including those that was sent from Hong Kong where Rizal open his eye clinic. The furniture shows that Rizal was born in a wealthy family.

This is one of the most interesting collections of the Rizal Shrine: small part of the bone of the hero. It was saved in the above tube. Writing in the box said …

After the execution, the name of Rizal was not to be spoken. He was referred safely as El Difunto (The Dead One). He had been abandoned directly in the soil. After the Philippines declared itself independence on June 12, 1898, it honored Rizal officially. Narcisa retrieve her brother’s remains and placed them in an ivory urn. A bone with a bullet wound was enshrined separately in a glass and is new a secular relic in Fort Santiago.

More about Jose Rizal on Wikipedia.

Above photos by Aziz Hasibuan

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Jose Rizal, picture was shown on Wikipedia

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