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Caving at Buniayu

Buniayu Cave

Underground Life

The Light

The Entrance

Above the Cave

Photos: Aziz Hasibuan, Adriansyah Sinaga, and Bima Wan

Buniayu is a sub-district in Sukabumi, West Java, Indonesia, about 3.5 hours driving time from the capital city of Jakarta. The area is popular with its caves (in Bahasa Indonesia, cave is gua). One of the most popular caves is Gua Buniayu or also well-known as Gua Siluman (Invisible Man).

I have yet to get any information about the difficulty level of the cave, however I am an amateur caver and could survive the cave. For those who is looking for an escape door from the busy Jakarta to get a new experience of adventure, Buniayu is recommended. You might want to click this website to get the contact for more information about Gua Buniayu.

More pictures and story written in Bahasa Indonesia about Gua Buniayu, click here.

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