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Bucket List: Maluku

I am falling in love with Maluku right after I watched this video. And I believe you will love it too.

The video is taken in Maluku islands. The islands are mountainous, some with active volcanoes, and enjoy a wet climate. The vegetation of the small and narrow islands, encompassed by the sea, is very luxuriant; including rainforests, sagorice and the famous spices—nutmegcloves andmace, among others. (from Wikipedia)

Read more about #BarondaMaluku movement on Asia News Net

I wanna go there!

– The Toilet Post

Accomplishment Status: Kinda!

It was funny, not long after I wrote this post, I got the opportunity to visit Halmahera island in North Maluku for a business trip. It’s not the province of Maluku, but they are close to each other!!! And North Maluku is also beautiful. 

Read my entry on Halmahera-Ternate trip, here:

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