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Postcard From Kak Jo: Budapest


The first postcard I received was from Kak Jo, and was sent from Budapest.

Greeting from Budapest!

7/8 2PM. Di sini sedang musim panas dan panasnya lebih-lebih dari Jakarta. Siang ini 35-36 derajat (Celcius). Budapest kotanya cantik banget (Lihat aja gambar di sebelah ūüôā Hehehe…) Semoga bisa segera datang ke sini

– Jo –

The postcard shows me beautiful Budapest surrounding by night. In the top is the¬†Parliament Building, the other pictures in the bottom¬†(from left to right) are the¬†Sz√©chenyi Chain Bridge, the Heroes’ Squares and another picture of Chain Bridge. Beautiful!

From Kak Jo’s Path account, I also found one interesting picture taken from Budapest. Picture of an Anonymus statue. He said that the statue looks like Dementor to him. I could’t agree more. :p

Thank you for the postcard, Kak Jo!


Anonymus Statue – Captured by Kak Jo

What I found from Wikipedia:

Anonymus¬†(Latin for “unnamed”; fl. late 12th century ‚Äď early 13th century) was the notary and chronicler of a¬†Hungarian King, probably¬†B√©la III. Little is known about him, but his¬†latinized name¬†began with¬†P,¬†as he referred to himself as¬†“P. dictus magister”.¬†Some scholars suggest that he was P√©ter, the bishop of¬†GyŇĎr.

Anonymus is most famous for his work¬†Gesta Hungarorum¬†(“The Deeds of the Hungarians”), written in Latin around 1200. This work provides the most detailed history of the arrival of the¬†Hungarians¬†to the¬†Carpathian Basin¬†(Hungarian:¬†honfoglal√°s), although historians[who?]¬†do not accept his work as authentic[citation needed]. Most of his attempts to explain the origin of several Hungarian place names are unsupported by modern etymology. The names of the¬†seven chieftains of the Hungarians¬†are known from his writings. (*)

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