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Sex & Marriage

I have a new favourite YouTube series titled Sex & Marriage. Funny and sharp satire comedy that can help enlighten you during traveling. The series is part of YOMYOMF channel.

After four years of marriage, Suzie and Johnnie are hitting a rough patch. Their sex is legendary, but they’re missing something in the way of intimacy. They enlist renown couples counselors, Mel and Cat Rosen, a married couple who approach counseling like a tag-team sport. Through a series of intimate sessions, Suzie and Johnnie find themselves both deepening and jeopardizing their relationship. Meanwhile, the Rosens battle their own issues at home. A funny, no-holds-barred look at sex, family and relationships.

The program contains material that some may find offensive, but so does marriage.

Above is the second episode of the Sex & Marriage. Find the other episodes here


– The Toilet Post

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