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Postcard from Gigih: Lovina, Bali


Picture on the postcard: Dolphin in Lovina, Bali

Postcard Trip Status: Visited! Click this link to read on the trip. 

Hi Ziz! I have just backed from a 4-days-roundtrip from Pemuteran to Lovina to Candidasa. Yesterday, in Lovina, I was looking for postcard with dolphins picture, and this is the best postcard I got for you. :p

As you may know, the north sea of Lovina is the home of many dolphins. To see the dolphins we have to leave the beach around 6 a.m. to go to the sea by a traditional fisherman boat. It takes around 20 to 30 minutes to reach the dolphin’s area. When the sun rises, there will be dozens of dolphins appear, jump out of the sea. It’s fun! It will be more fun if there are less tourists coming to see the dolphins. If there are too many tourists, the dolphins will be scared and less of them appear.

Beside the dolphin watching, Lovina also has vineyards. On the harvest time, it is fun to see the vineyards. They will be produced for Balinese wine.

The high season period for European tourists to visit Bali is about to end. Most likely, I will have more time to relax. It would be great if you can come to visit me.

Stay curious, Ziz!

– Gigih R. Cahyo

I have visited Bali for many times, but have never been to Lovina.

Gigih is one of my best friends from uni who lives in Bali and works as a tourist guide. She is good in France and English, that’s why most of her clients are from Europe. The above writing is my translation as Gigih wrote it for me in Bahasa. If she was the one who wrote it in English, it must look much better. Pardon my English 😉

This is such a lovely postcard. Not only because it is the first postcard I received from Indonesia, but also because of the story that Gigih shared to me. It helps me to picture the beauty of Lovina where dolphins are having fun when sun rises.

If you are curious to know more about the dolphin in Lovina and other tourist attraction around the area, please click here or you can contact Gigih on for help.

And here is a short video about the dolphins watching in Lovina that I found from YouTube

I believe in The Myth of Postcard. Do you want to help making my dream comes true by sending me a postcard or two, while you are traveling? Please send me an email to

– The Casual Hopper

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