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Gunung Kidul Trip Day 2: Dadap and Gremeng


This article should have been uploaded on October 27, but unfortunately I couldn’t be connected with internet. On that day, we moved from Jomblang resort to a village name Blimbing (Carambola in English). This village also located around Gunung Kidul, about one hour driving from Jomblang.

The different between the caves in Blimbing with the one in Jomblang is the way people manage it. Jomblang is much more well-established: they have quite good resort; the staff really understand on how to serve guests; they also have big number of visitors. Meanwhile, caves in Blimbing Village are managed by local community with almost no support from government or investor. Until the day our group visited the village, the local people said that there were only around 20 groups of tourists visited Blimbing village, whereas it has unique “architecture” of caves.

Dadap is the first cave that we visited in Blimbing. The above picture is part of Dadap cave. They have beautiful stalactites. The cave has a very small gate, thus people need to crawl in to the cave. Inside the cave, visitor could see a big dome with beautiful stalactites.

Our guide explains on how the stalactites shapes into a curtain look

We also visited Gremeng cave, which also has beautiful stalactites and stalagmites. The different is Gremeng is a combination of cave and river. The water is very clean, but make sure that you always take the right path close to cave wall as the river is quite deep, varied from 2 to 9 metres. Swimming around the gate is a good option.

Below is the picture of Gremeng cave, with me doing the “asking for hugs” pose :p I couldn’t take any picture here as I didn’t bring underwater cover for my camera, but the cave has huge beautiful cave’s ornaments inside.


If you are interested to visit Blimbing Village, here is the contact person: Sular Р+6287838111466. They would be happy to help all in package including your food and accommodation. 

My Gunung Kidul trip was part of Blacktrail program, managed by National Geographic Indonesia and L’oreal Men Expert. Learn more about Blacktrail here.

Photos: Aziz Hasibuan and Vitra Widinanda

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