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3 Big Reasons Why I Recommend Padma Hotel Bandung

photo 5

1. Beautiful View

This is the place where you feel sad when you have to check out of the hotel, because it’s too beautiful. Padma is just next door to a small forest in Bandung.

photo 2

Room with balcony is recommended, thus you can sit down reading book with wonderful green scenery.

photo 1

2. The Afternoon Tea

When I first arrived at the hotel, the staff told me that the hotel has Afternoon tea session at 4 pm as complimentary for its guests. And when I was there, I like this afternoon tea session a lot. They provide us with various traditional snacks and drink.

You can enjoy a cup of Bandrek (Bandung traditional hot ginger drink) and Tempe mendoan (fried traditional soy cake), again, with beautiful view and raindrop outside the building. A lot more traditional snacks are also available for free.

photo 4

3. Lovely services and facility

Take a walk to their garden; they have small futsal arena, basketball court and playground for kids.

photo (1)

Padma has strong wi-fi connection, each room has its own router. All is for free. They also provide guests with free shuttle from and to airport, train station, or Jakarta-Bandung shuttle spots.

photo 3

You will find more reasons why this place is lovable when you are there.

Padma Hotel Bandung on Agoda. They currently have 50 percent discount when this article is posted.

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