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Postcard from Michael: Chicago

Chicago Postcard

On Postcard: The Bean, one of the iconic landmarks of Chicago

A Postcard from Michael Say – Chicago.


Ini gue nulisnya udah agak mepet… like 2 jam sebelum boarding. Keinget cerewetnya lo kalau gue nggak kirim postcad.

Well… Di sini sekarang -7 derajat. Dingin Nyett. Kemarin ingus gue sampe beku. Overall I had a great time.

Cheers, Mike

Postcard ini dikirimkan Michael Say ketika dia sedang business trip ke Chicago

Foto dalam postcard yang dikirim Mike adalah The Bean, salah satu landmark paling populer di Chicago. Nama The Bean sebenarnya adalah nickname karena bentuknya yang mirip kacang. Tapi, nama asli sculpture yang berlokasi di Millenium Park ini adalah Cloud Gate. Karena dibuat dari stainless steel, seluruh bagian The Bean bisa memantulkan refleksi, seperti cermin, sehingga sering jadi sasaran foto dan selfie turis.

Anish Kappor, desainernya bilang, “What I wanted to do in Millennium Park is make something that would engage the Chicago skyline … so that one will see the clouds kind of floating in, with those very tall buildings reflected in the work. And then, since it is in the form of a gate, the participant, the viewer, will be able to enter into this very deep chamber that does, in a way, the same thing to one’s reflection as the exterior of the piece is doing to the reflection of the city around.”

Kata orang, belum ke Chicago kalau belum foto di Cloud Gate.

Thanks, Miki! (*)

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